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Choosing Indistar means getting better together.  District and school success is best accomplished when directed by those closest to the student.  By adopting the Indistar mindset of support, teams soon discover the joy of engaging in the things that matter most- providing students with the education they deserve.

Why Choose Indistar ®?

Own your process.  Think small.

Process Plus Practice

You're probably familiar with programs or to-do lists, but Indistar is different. By adapting researched-based Effective Practices, your team is guided toward reaching you vision and goals of student achievement.

Proven Research, Simplified.

No other system provides the equivalent of Indistar's Wise Ways®.  While other systems are focused on quick-fixes, Indistar acknowledges the ongoing efforts and support required to maintain measurable success. This mean truly understanding your indicators for real-life application, which only Wise Ways® can provide.

The Process

Set Direction

Plan Meetings

Track  Progress

Revisit Goals

Continuously Pursue Your Vision

Your environment is ever-changing, but Indistar provides stability and consistency by not ending with a new year. Continue to build from previous work, and allow Indistar to house your documented evidence of growth.

The Recognition Your Team Deserves

Where does your staff excel? Where are your opportunities for growth? You can easily recognize strengths as well as areas needing attention with Indistar’s guided process. Harness the power of local ingenuity!

"There is no scolding, no scoffing. When someone doesn’t know something, there is only encouragement and the opportunity to lift up experts who can help."

-Arkansas Cedarville School District's Leadership Specialist

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