A “client” adopts the system. A client may be a state education agency (SEA), district (LEA), or charter organization. The system is then available to all districts and schools served by the client. The system takes on the client’s identity, and users access it through the client’s own website. The system connects users from all levels to establish a coherent and high-functioning system for improvement. One person from each improvement team (district or school) is designated to serve as Process Manager. The Process Manager interfaces with the system to prepare team meeting agendas, worksheets, and Wise Ways®. The Process Manager also enters the team’s minutes and work plans into Indistar®. Coaches (engaged by the school or provided by the state, district, or charter organization) are given access to the system so that they can follow the progress of the work and provide “coaching comments” for the team. Superintendents and principals are given full access to the system. The client, district, or school may also issue “guest” logins to groups - teachers, parents, school board members, for example - who can then view progress charts and reports without editing data.



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