ADI provides two days of on-site training for the client (state, district, or charter organization) that has adopted the system. This training and related consultation enables the client to support its districts and/or schools and also results in the client identifying the indicators it chooses to use, rubrics if appropriate, and zones of different indicators for different schools.

ADI then prepares the system for access through the client’s own website, with a name chosen by the client, and loads the client’s selected indicators. ADI assists the client in adapting documents for use by coaches and consultants who may be assisting the districts or schools and for the districts and schools themselves. ADI provides webinars to assist client personnel in implementing the system. ADI provides continuous technical support, with rapid response via email or telephone. The client may also access optional consulting support. The system includes access to web-based modules (Indicators in Action) for school leaders and teachers, with videos demonstrating the indicators. All improvements to the system are provided to clients at no additional cost.



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